Sunday, April 10, 2016

Eurycotis lixa, AKA Hustler Roach!

Hi Again Everybody!
A couple weeks ago I received 12 E.lixa nymphs from Alan Jeon( Cariblatta lutea on roachforum, Brunneria on mantidforum, and Lucanus on beetleforum.) They are really cool, and have been growing really fast! I really like their glossy black look and wide-ish body! The only traits about them that I don't like is their extreme aggression towards each other during feeding time where they steal each other's food, chase and try to bite each other, and when I handle them about 95% of the time they start chewing on the end of my hand for no apparent reason. Their enclosure is a 20 qt Sterilite gasket box container, which was the best option because it has an airtight seal to prevent this species which can climb over typical barriers from escaping. I of course added some holes with mesh for ventilation, but actually accidently added too many and will most likely buy a new container and start over because the container is drying out a little too fast and that is the likely cause of my missing( probably dead) springtails and dwarf purple isopods that I was using as their clean-up crew  I use a mix of dead sterilized oak leaves, coconut fiber, a few small chunks of decaying hardwood, and a little moss as the substrate.
My largest E.lixa nymph

7 of my 12 E.lixa nymphs

My current setup minus the food bowl

I hope to get this colony up and breeding! Hope you guys enjoy this post, Goodbye!



  1. Very nice species, love your pictures! I hope these guys mature and breed for you, seems like a really cool species to own! :)

    1. Well you'll almost certainly want to be selling them when they start reproducing, with them being as aggressive as they are I would think a low population density would be best.