Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Freshly Molted Hustler Roach

Hi Everybody!:)
I lifted up an egg crate in my E.lixa enclosure a couple days ago to find a freshly molted one! I figured it looked pretty cool, so I snapped some pictures of it. Speaking of molting in the last week or so I've had about 6 molts in my Hustler enclosure and I only have 12 roaches! I guess these guys have been saving up their molts for now! My largest nymph was one of the roaches that molted and I believe it is now an adult! I may get some pictures of the adult, but for now here's a couple pictures of one of my freshly molted hustlers!

 Hope you guys liked the pictures! Until next time, good......Wait! Forgot to mention I ordered 12 Eurycotis decipiens nymphs, 2 Polyphaga saussurei nymphs, and 100 tropical pink springtails from Kyle today! I ordered them for my Birthday, which is Friday! I'm really excited for their arrival, when I receive them, I'll share some pics with you guys! :) Until next time, good bye!


  1. Cool, I love how freshly molted roaches look! :) Can't vwait to see pics of the adult!

    I'm also ordering from Kyle, and I'm also getting the Tropical pink springtails! :D Hopefully they will work well for both of us!

  2. Hopefully, they're supposed to be the most prolific springtails in roach colonies, so they better live up to their title!