Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Hissers

Hi Everyone! This is my new blog, I am also All About Insects on beetle, roach, and mantidforum. To start off my new blog I will begin with the roaches that got me into the roach hobby, hissers! Here's a picture of my adult male Wide-horn hisser, which was my first pet roach, and my small adult male Madagascar hisser. I recently housed them together and boy do they fight! I knew hisser males like to spar, but I was still a bit surprised to see that side of hissers, when I had only seen them slowly walk around and hide!                                           
Both adult male hissers
Adult male Wide-horn hisser
Adult male Madagascar hisser
                        Hope you guys enjoy my new blog! Until next time, Goodbye!


  1. Nice blog! I love your hissers, can't wait until my babies mature so I can have some adult males!

  2. Thanks! You have a great blog as well! Yep, it was really awesome about 7 months ago when I lifted up the piece of cork bark in my G.oblongonota's enclosure to find a huge pale adult male!

  3. Yeah, G.oblongonota get huge, would love to own some on day. Do you plan on breeding your hissers?

    1. No, I don't think I'll be breeding them, although I might breed some hissers in the future. I've only got these 2 adult males, and there is not too much space left for bug enclosures in the room where I keep them, and I plan on using the last of it by getting a couple more species that I've really wanted like P.saussurei and possibly E.decipiens. I was just going to keep them individually as pets anyway though.

    2. That's cool, keeping adult male hissers as pets was how I started this hobby. They seem to live longer when they don't have to mate with anything, and with no females in the cage the males have less reason to fight with each other.