Saturday, April 16, 2016

Polyphaga aegyptiaca( Egyptian sand roach)

Hi Everyone!
It's been a couple days since I've been able to get a post out, due to me studying a lot for my Constitution test that I ended up passing today :). But nonetheless here's the new post on my Egyptians!
I originally received 8 very tiny nymphs( about 3 millimeters long) a couple weeks ago, but now only have 2. My 6 losses were due to me keeping the substrate too moist, but thankfully before the last 2 died, I was able to figure out the reason for the other's deaths and corrected the problem by drying out their substrate. I use a mix of dry coconut fiber, hardwood chunks, and dead leaves as their substrate, keep it about 1.5 in deep, and keep one corner moist. I keep them in a small, about 3inx3inx3in plastic container with a lot of ventilation holes on the lid.

I have confidence that I can rear the remaining 2 nymphs up to adulthood without any problems. Hope you guys enjoy this post, once again, until next time, good bye!

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