Monday, April 25, 2016

P.saussurei Nymph, and Large WC Female Wolf Spider

Hi everyone!
The last couple days have been good and bad. I have caught a P.audax nymph, a large female T.helluo, 2 soil centipedes, a ton of P.scaber, C.convexus, and A.vulgare, 4 more D.elongatus, and 1 colorful ground beetle. On the bad side, I have had one E.lixa and E.decipiens escape their enclosures. I believe they got out when I opened their containers or they squeezed through the ventilation holes in their container and broke through the hot glue that is  holding the mesh blocking the holes.
But never mind that, here's some pictures of my P.saussurei nymph and the large Tigrosa helluo I caught!

Polyphaga saussurei nymph

Female Tigrosa helluo
Nice having so many new WC insects! I'll try to eventually get some pics of the others. Hope you guys enjoyed, and until next time, good bye!


  1. Very beautiful P.saussurei nymph, hope she does well for you! :)

    Cool that you caught more D.elongatus, let us know if you are successful in breeding them, I'd really I've to see some CB larva! :D

    1. Thanks!
      I'll let everyone know if I breed them successfully, I haven't witnessed them mating yet but I've surely got a pair out of the 6 that I have.

    2. You never know, beetle sexes can be pretty biased, and in some darkling beetle species I've caught a good 70% of the individuals were male. Still, ground beetle sexes seem to be pretty even, and I'm sure you have a pair in there somewhere!