Monday, April 18, 2016

Some More WC Inverts!

Hi everyone!
Here's a couple more pictures of some of the insects I caught while at my family's property at Woodhaven Lakes today! I caught 2 un-identified ground beetles, and 13 baby wolf spiders! Can anybody I.D the wolf spiders and ground beetles for me?

Un-identified ground beetles

Baby wolf spider
I also caught some Porcellio scaber and Cylisticus convexus which are great additions to my isopod enclosure! Until next time, good bye!

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  1. Those aren't Pterostichus, but something much cooler in my opinion. They are Dicaelus, probably Dicaelus elongatus. They have been found in Illinois. See here:

    As for the spiders, I have no clue, I'm no spider expert.