Saturday, April 30, 2016


Hi Guys, Something great happened a few minutes ago!
This is how it started. I took out my female Tigrosa helluo so I could handle it a little and then it suddenly jumps off my hand and on to the ground. Mind you this bug is the one my mom most dreads escaping, I then try to grab it before it escapes, and it bolts under my dresser! A feeling of dread comes over me as I go to look for something long to fish it out with, I then find a curtain rod, and quickly grab a flashlight and return to look under the dresser. I get on the ground and use the flashlight to see under the dresser while sticking the curtain rod under it, in hopes of scaring it out. I then check if it might have tried to escape from the side of the dresser, so I move some toys, and clothes and then I see it! Sitting on top of a backpack that I uncovered was my escaped E.decipiens nymph!!! It was still plump even though it's been missing for a week and appeared to have molted while it was lost! I swiftly scooped it up before it escaping again was a possibility and put it back into it's container. I went back to look under the dresser for the still missing wolf spider and after one or two sweeps under the dresser with the cutain rod, it final came running out! I tried to grab it but then it ran under a backpack, but luckily after it ran out from under the backpack I was able to grab it and put it back in it's container as well!
It went from a feeling of dread to a feeling of great joy! Just thought I'd share what happened with you guys, not that it's of any real importance though, now on the hunt for the last lost insect that I have, the illusive E.lixa nymph! LOL
 So until next time, goodbye!


  1. Awesome, glad you found your missing E.decipiens nymph, along with your T.helluo! Now to find that E.lixa nymph... ;)

    1. Thanks, shouldn't be too hard finding the E.lixa, probably around the same place as the Zebra was.