Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Couple New Finds

Hey Guys! :)
I went out and looked under some of the rocks in my yard today and found some pretty cool things. I caught 2 Scarites vicinus ground beetle( found 3 but only took 2) and a Platydracus praetermissus. I also nearly got scared to death by a large adult house centipede while looking under some rocks that I don't usually look under. I was putting the rock back and I saw something quickly move near my hand and I thought it was some dead leaves blowing in the wind or something but at the last second I realized it was a huge house centipede coming at my hand, would have loved to catch it and at least get a better look at it but unfortunately it escaped. Anyway, here's some pictures!

Platydracus praetermissus

2 Scarites vicinus ground beetles
Hope you guys enjoyed and until next time, goodbye!


  1. Cool finds! That "nymph" is actually an adult rove beetle, specifically Platydracus praetermissus. It should eat mealworms, maybe small crickets/roaches, and possibly isopods.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks! I had no clew that it was actually an adult beetle, I've never seen roves in my yard before, looked kind of like a ground beetle larva to me, thanks for the I.D! Should I feed it pre-killed or live food?

  3. Yeah, people always mistake them for something other than a beetle, or at least an adult beetle. All the large rove beetle species I have kept have been more than capable of eating live prey, and will hunt them down with voracity! Hope your new beetles all do well for you! :)

  4. Scarites are great! If you keep them on moist sand, they'll dig a network of burrows and emerge at night to feed. I call them "poor man's Pasimachus."

    1. I have some coconut fiber and sand as their substrate, I might add a bit more sand now though, thanks for the cool info! Yep, Scarites are great, these ones are actually pretty small compared to the ones I've been seeing in my yard for the last couple years, I also found another one in my yard when I caught these 2 so I'll probably go back and collect that one too.