Saturday, May 7, 2016


Hi Guys!
I've been noticing these larvae in my yard for years and this year, once again, they are pretty numerous. Can anybody I.D them, would be cool to know what they are since they are always in my yard! Let me know what you guys think it is, thanks in advance!

Unidentified beetle larva
This guy is fairly big but I've seen some twice this size in my yard, like a little smaller than a super worm's size. I also know that they are predatory because a lot of times when I see them ,their head is inside of a dead isopod or millipede and sometimes I see them rapped around another bug trying to kill it. Hope you guys can tell me what these are! Until next time, goodbye!


  1. That's a Elaterid larva, they will eat rotten wood, dead leaves, and of course any meat they can get. Dog food works great for their protein needs, though admit it, live prey is always more fun to feed off. They are pretty easy to care for, hope you can rear some to adulthood! :)

    1. Thanks again for the I.D, I'll probably just try to get it to an adult just to see what the adults looks like, but then I might let it go since the adults eat plants and bugguide isn't to specific on what types of plants they eat.

  2. Adult click beetles of many species will eat carrots and various fruits in captivity, and I'm sure they would eat beetle jellies as well.