Thursday, May 5, 2016

My WC Insect Enclosures and Molted P.audax

Hi Again Everybody!
Just wanted to share my setups for all of my wild caught insects, and my freshly molted Phidippus audax!
First off, here's my 6 D.elongatus and 1 C.tricolor's  enclosure. It's just a plastic container with small ventilation holes on the lid. I have a mix of coconut fiber and sand as their substrate, with a piece of cork bark and a couple pieces of egg crate in there for them to hide under.

D.elongatus and C. tricolor enclosure
Secondly, here's my 2 Scarites vicinus enclosure. It's a plastic Zip Lock container. I'm also using a mix of sand and coconut fiber as their substrate since they are also ground beetles and I have a couple pieces of cork bark in there for them to hide under.

Scarites vicinus enclosure
Thirdly, here's my mixed colony of C.convexus, P.scaber, and A.vulgare's enclosure. It's a plastic Sterilite container with locking clamps on the lid. I use a mix of coconut fiber, dead leaves, and small chunks of rotten wood as their substrate. I also have a piece of cork bark and some pieces of egg crate in there for them to hide under.

C.convexus, P.scaber, and A.vulgare enclosure
Fourthly, here's my T. helluo's enclosure. It's also a plastic Sterilite container with locking clamps on the lid, only it's a little smaller than my isopods' container and I have 5 holes in the lid for ventilation with metal mesh hot glued over them. I use coconut fiber as the substrate and I have 2 pieces of cork bark as its hides.

T.helluo enclosure
Lastly, here's my P.audax's enclosure. It's just a simple, small plastic container. I am using coconut fiber as the substrate and I have some pieces of egg crate in there for it to hide and make it's webs on, although it only seems to make it's webs in the top corners of the container. I also noticed it made a pretty thick web around its self the other day and today I looked at its container and saw an old exoskeleton and a freshly molted spider! Its front legs have definitely gotten longer and it gained some new nice white markings.
P.audax enclosure

Freshly molted P.audux with old exoskeleton next to it in web
The jumper is looking like it is most likely a male, which is great! I know you can barely see the spider in the picture, so I'll get some good pictures of it out of its web soon  Hope you guys enjoyed my post once again, and until next time, goodbye! :)

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