Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parcoblatta divisa and Eurycotis decipiens Updates

Hey again Everybody!
A couple months ago when I received my package of E.lixa from Alan Jeon I had already taken the hustlers out and put them in their container and everything and just when I was about to throw away the paper towel that he used to pack the box, a pre-sub adult male P.divisa nymph scurried out of the paper towel! I talked to Alan about it and he said it must have been an escapee that had been lost and hid in the paper towel( which he said was on the ground) before he packed my box! Always great to get free roaches!
I realize that I never posted any pictures of him or talked about him, so this is not technically an update, but I just wanted to share that he molted to adulthood 5 days ago! Here's some pictures of him the night before the molt and after the molt.
Male P.divisa before molt

Male P.divisa after molt
I am happy to share that a lot of my Eurycotis decipiens have been maturing lately! I now have four adults out of my eleven roaches, here's some pictures!

E.decipiens adult #1

E.decipiens adults #2 and #3

E.decipiens adult #4
I also am very happy to say that my tropical pink springtails are thriving and breeding very well in my E.decipiens container and I know probably have a couple hundred! And my T.molitor pupae are starting to hatch so the breeding can begin for them! Also I was wrong before, I though that I had some E.lixa adults, but I didn't! I just noticed a couple minutes ago, one E.lixa was way bigger than the others and has different looking wing-pads, so I have one adult! The others that I though were adults were actually sub-adult nymphs! Sorry for the confusion!
Overall, all of my insects are doing great, and until next time, goodbye!


  1. Cool, love those E.lixa so much! :) Glad they are all maturing for you. My Sinella curviseta are also doing fantastic, I think they are the solution to my mite problems! Good to hear yours are doing similarly well, now you just gotta introduce them to your other cages!

    1. Thanks!
      Yep, I might try to introduce them in my E.lixa container soon!

    2. turns out that I only have 1 E.lixa adult and the other 3 that I thought were adults are actually sub-adult nymphs!

    3. Oops, accidentally posted a comment under my sister's account, lol!
      Well that's still good news, you'll have lots of adults pretty soon! Aww, you didn't have to take down the pics, they were good!

    4. LOL!
      I'll put the pics back up and I'll get a picture of the adult!

    5. I ran into some problems editing the post. I'll just create a new post including the E.lixa adult and some pictures of the glowworm in the dark.