Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some Feeders from Peter and Another New Spider!

Greetings Once Again Guys!
I recently got a new shipment from Peter! I received 24+ Little Kenyan roaches, 50+ mealworms, and a coconut fiber disk. Another great transaction! The coconut fiber disk was small, but it made a good amount of substrate and it was just enough to get some substrate in all of my containers. I already fed off 5 mealworms to my ground beetles and wolf spider and they love them! I may feed off a couple of my Little Kenyans, but right now I'm mainly just trying to get the colony to reproduce to a stable amount before I start feeding them off regularly. By the way, a couple of the mealworms were already pupae when I received them, which is great!
Here's some pictures of them and their enclosures, which are a plastic Zip lock container with some ventilation holes in the lid and a plain old plastic container.

Little Kenyan roach enclosure

Little Kenyan roach nymphs

Mealworms and their enclosure

Mealworm pupae
I also found another really cool spider while checking under some rocks in my yard! It was an adult male Dysdera crocata( Woodlouse Hunter)! It's really cool that I found one of these because they are pretty hard to come by and the last time I remember seeing one was a couple years ago! These guys are pretty unique in that they have 6 eyes instead of the normal 8 eyes that a spider usually has, they are a lot less hairy than the usual spider, and they specialize in eating isopods, which are vary hard for many other insects to devour due to their hard exoskeleton! I am excited to keep one of these because they can supposedly live a couple years as adults in captivity! Here's some pictures of him and the cool little web he created, which he included some coconut fiber in!

Dysdera crocata

Dysdera crocata in web
Happy to share some photos of my insects with you guys again, and I hope you all enjoyed! Until next time, good bye!

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