Saturday, May 14, 2016

T. helluo Egg Case, Another Un-I.Ded Larva, and More

Hello Again Everyone!
Well, I looked in my adult female Tigrosa helluo's  container earlier today and you already know from the title what I found..... an egg case!!! I'm really excited to see if anything hatches from it, being that I found it in the wild, I'm thinking there's a good chance that it might be fertile! Here's some pictures of it!

Adult Female T.helluo Carrying Egg Case
I also found another unidentified larva in my yard that I would like an I.D for.

The last couple things I wanted to share were my Scytodes thoracica's enclosure, my Platydracus praetermissus's enclosure and the little tunnels my S.vicinus have made!

S. thoracica enclosure

P.praetermissus enclosure

Tunnels in S.vicinus enclosure
My Scytodes thoracica's enclosure is a small, plastic container with ventilation holes in the lid. I'm using coconut fiber as the substrate and have some bent pieces of egg crate in there for it to make its webs on. My Platydracus praetermissus's enclosure is also a small, plastic container, but without ventilation holes in the lid, although I will likely add some, but it's not as important in this container because the lid doesn't seal as tight as the other one. I'm also using coconut fiber as the substrate, and have a couple pieces of egg crate for it to hide under.
Also, I added some more sand to the substrate in my Scarites vicinus enclosure like SalmonSaladSandwitch recommended me to if I wanted to see tunnels and they made some pretty cool little excavations under the substrate!
Hope you guys enjoyed as I also do, and until next time, goodbye!


  1. Very nice assortment of inverts! That larva is a Firefly larva, and it very much resembles whatever species this one is:

  2. Thank you! :)
    I was thinking it was most likely a firefly larva but I wasn't sure, thanks for the I.D though, and all the other insects you've I.Ded for me! I found one more cool, large larva in my yard today though that I've never seen before,I'll be putting up a new post soon with a picture of it and some other things, I'll try to make this the last larva I ask for an I.D for!;)

    1. No problem! :)
      You'll want to keep it very moist, it will probably only feed on snails, slugs, and earthworms, most firefly larva do.
      Hope this helps!