Saturday, June 11, 2016

Eggcases: Some Have Been Made and One Has Hatched!

Hello Once Again Everybody! :)
Well I've got some great updates on a couple of my spiders!
I'll start off with the most important news, which would be the hatching of my Tigrosa helluo's egg case!!! There are about 60 hatchlings, and all of them seem to be healthy and in perfect condition! The vast majority of them are still laying on the female's back, but 9 of them apparently were ready to venture off of their mother's back, so I took them and put them in their own, individual deli cups. They are very cute, and look basically like mini adults only with different colors, although they should look more normal after their next molt.
Here's the pictures!

Female with hatchlings on back

T.helluo hatchling

T.helluo hatchling compared to penny

9 T.helluo hatchlings in deli cups
I also have some other good, egg case related news! I recently caught 2 more Scytodes thoracica( which I have not yet made a post about, but will shortly) and one ended up being a pregnant adult female, and it created an egg case yesterday! I'm very excited about the new little guys that should be hatching in a month or two!
Here's a photo!
Adult female S.thoracica with egg case
The last good news I have today is that my Eurycotis decipiens have laid 2 more oothecae for me, which gives me a total of 3! The oldest ooth should be hatching any day now! I will either put in into a small sealed container, or try to hot glue some mesh in the inside of the container, to make the container extra secure.
That's all the updates that I'll share right now, but more will be on the way, so keep checking my blog! Until next time, goodbye!


  1. Nice, glad to see your inverts are doing well for you! Letus know when your Eurycotis ootheca hatch, would love to see the hatchlings of that species!

    1. Thanks! I sure will post some pics when they hatch!

    2. An ootheca hatched! Here's some pictures of the babies:

  2. Update: all of the T.helluo hatchlings have moved off of the mother's back and I will likely be selling some!