Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Bugs from Alan!

Hey everyone!
Yesterday I received my second package from Alan( Brunneria on mantidforum, Lucanus on beetleforum, and Cariblatta lutea on roachforum.) I again received some very interesting insects from him, I received two pre-sub-adult male Grizzled mantis( Gonatista grisea) nymphs, three free Hustler roaches( Eurycotis lixa), and one free adult female Southern wood roach( Parcoblatta divisa.) Everything came once again healthy, in amazing condition, and along with 4 free roaches! I will surely be ordering from Alan again....but enough said about how they came, now lets start talking about them!
First off, I will be keeping my two pre-sub-adult male G.grisea nymphs each in an 80 oz. container with ventilation holes and metal mesh on the lid, with pieces of bark hot glued to the sides, and I will be using coconut fiber as their substrate. I also have went along and added some tropical pink springtails to their containers for good measure. Here's some pictures of them and their containers!

G.grisea container #1

G.grisea container #2

G.grisea #1

G.grisea #2
These guys run almost as fast as some of my roaches! It's also funny when they lay flat against a surface to try to hide. LOL I'm excited to get back into mantis keeping, and hope I can do better this time around!
Secondly, I received an adult female P.divisa to mate with my adult male. I didn't get any photos of the cage I am housing the pair in but it is just a plastic Sterilite container with a locking lid, there are some ventilation holes in the lid, which I have hot glued metal mesh over. I also have a couple pieces of egg crate in there for them to hide under, and added a good amount of tropical pink springtails to the enclosure. I am using a mix of coconut fiber, cypress mulch, and dead leaves as their substrate.
Here's some photos!

Adult female P.divisa

Pair of P.divisa attempting to mate

As you can see from the last picture they attempted to mate, but there never ended up being a connection.
I didn't bother taking any pics of the E.lixa nymphs because they look identical to all the other roaches in my colony, so I didn't think it was really picture worthy.
Hopefully my adult female will start laying some oothecae soon so I can have a nice colony of those guys! On a side note, my E.decipiens have nearly all matured! I've got ten adults out of my eleven roaches! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and until next time, goodbye! :)

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