Monday, July 18, 2016

Reducing the Collection and A Few Last Arrivals

Hey once again guys,
With high school coming up and my family moving, I will be reducing my collection a bit. I plan on selling or releasing most of my wild-caught invertebrates and possibly also selling one of my captive-bred roach colonies. So if you guys see me post some more stuff for sale on any of the forums you know why. It's already a little bit of a handful caring for the invertebrates that I have and it will surely be too overwhelming with these other big evens happening in my life. So for the time being I will be thinning out my collection, though I may restock it once me and my family get settled into our new house that we will be moving into in a couple months.
But! I will be receiving a couple new things on Wednesday. :)  I will be receiving a sexed pair of Mastigoproctus giganteus(Giant Vinegaroon) and another Phloeodes diabolicus(Diabolical Ironclad Beetle) from Peter of along with 100 mixed Nauphoeta cinerea(Lobster Roach) from Kyle of I am very excited to try my hand at breeding these massive and bizarre arachnids! Peter is also sending me his largest P.diabolicus to help insure that it will be a female.
Here are some pictures of the almost completely setup vinegaroon and lobster roaches' enclosures!
M.giganteus enclosures

N.cinerea enclosure

 While I'm a little sad that I will be reducing my collection, I'm really thrilled for my last couple arrivals!  That's it for today, and Goodnight everybody!


  1. Sorry to hear that, hopefully getting rid of a few species will help relieve some of the stress for you. :)

    Very cool, I love Mastigoproctus giganteus, really hope you are successful in breeding them! Just read Orin's book "The Forgotten Order of the Vinegaroons", very nice book and very informative, I'd definitely get it if you are going to be breeding them!
    That's nice of Peter, I hope your beetle ends up female, and I hope your Nauphoeta cinerea from Kyle end up breeding well for you!

    1. Thanks man. :)
      I'll definitely try to get that book, just need to save up about 15 more dollars and then I can buy it!

    2. Or, if you have a library card, you can get your library to buy it. ;) That's what I did.