Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some New Babies!

Hey Everybody! :)
Well, as you guys probably know, I've been slacking a bit lately with my blog and haven't been posting many updates on my insects. One of the biggest updates I haven't shared yet is on my Eurycotis of the oothecae hatched!!! It took about two months to hatch and produced about 13 very small, black nymphs.
Here are some pics!

E.decipiens hatchling
It was really funny when they hatched, all I saw was little antennae sticking out from the crevices in the cork bark.One of these guys sadly died in a water droplet that was on the container wall after I misted them, but all the others seem to be alive and well. Still have 6 or 7 oothecae that I'm waiting on to hatch, so I'll definitely make some more posts when they hatch!

I also had two of my Scytodes thoracica egg cases hatch. If the adults aren't already small enough(about 6mm), the babies are absolutely MINESCULE(less then 1mm!) I saw about 10 slings from the first hatch(it looked like they had hatched a couple days before I noticed them though and there likely was some cannibalism) and about 25 from the second hatch( these guys looked like they had hatched very shortly before I noticed them.)
Here's a couple photos of them!
S.thoracica slings from hatch #1

S.thoracica slings from hatch #2

Hope you guys cold see them pretty well. I ended up letting them go in the place where I found my first adult because I already have a good number of inverts to care for and honestly didn't want to deal with caring for almost forty baby spiders that I can barely even see.LOL I guess the third females egg case was infertile because it was small and never ended up hatching. I also lost that female on accident a couple days ago, but luckily a couple of them were actually found in my house so looks like they do just fine in the conditions inside my house.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my new post, and until next time, goodbye!


  1. Congrats on all the hatchings, those baby E.decipiens are so cute!! :D

    1. Thanks! Still got 8 more oothecae left, which should leave me with over 100 babies in the next month or so! :)