Friday, July 1, 2016

WC Beetle I.D Request and Dead T.molitor

Hello once again guys! :)
First off, I want to start off with the most important question I have in this post, and that would be asking if my dead T.molitor was infected with the entomophagous fungus.
Here is a couple pics of it.
T.molitor underside view

T.molitor dorsal view
So let me know what you guys think; I'm really hoping that it doesn't have the fungus!

Secondly, I wanted to find out what these small beetles are that I have been seeing outside for most of life. I commonly find them under rocks and when they are provoked they release a strong smell similar to that of a stink bug.
Hope you guys can help me out, here's a photo!
Unidentified beetle
Thanks in advance for the help, and until next time, goodbye!


  1. Looks more to me that the beetle died of other causes and was then devoured by the mold, so it's probably not entomophagus fungi.

    Those "beetles" are actually burrowing bugs, closely related to stink bugs, see here:

    1. Ok, that's great to hear! None of my insects are really dying off, so I figured that it wasn't the fungi, but just wanted to make sure!
      Thanks for the I.D!