Monday, September 26, 2016

Freshly Molted/Emerged Insects + Some Updates

Hello guys!
I just wanted to make a short post with some pics that I have gathered and thought you guys might enjoy seeing.
Firstly, here's a photo of a freshly molted adult Eurycotis decipiens!
Freshly molted adult E.decipiens
Secondly, here's some pics of a freshly molted adult Therea olegrandjeani!

Freshly molted adult T.olegrandjeani
The adults are really cool looking like this, you can see organs and veins in the pronotum, and you can see each of the thousands of tiny hairs its body is covered in.
Thirdly, here's a picture of a freshly emerged Scarites vicinus!
Freshly emerged Scarites vicinus
That's going to do it for the pictures, hope you guys liked them. :)
Now for the updates.
First, I have noticed a couple oothecae in my Eurycotis lixa enclosure, so looks like these guys are breeding and doing pretty well.
Second, I now have ten adults out of my thirteen T.olegrandjeani. I seem to have three adult females and seven adult males.
Third and last, about four of my adult E.decipiens have perished, so I now have around six adults left. I also have about twenty-five or so small nymphs from them. I still have tons of oothecae, but the hatch rate has decreased dramatically along with the number of nymphs that come out of the oothecae that actually hatch. :( So the oothecae haven't done so well since I had to remove them from the previous piece of cork bark they were stuck on.
Well hope you guys found this post interesting, and until next time, goodbye!


  1. the pictures are awesome. I can't wait for you to show me them in person

    1. Thanks!
      You've already seen the zebras and question marks though, they just don't have any pigmentation when their freshly molted, that's why they look different. BTW You got me a little freaked out when I saw that I received a comment from "Unknown" saying they can't wait to see my bugs in person!LOL