Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Package!

Hello Everyone!
I Know I just made a post earlier today, but you can never have too many new blog posts to read! :)
So I recently made a trade with Webuildart on the All Pet Roaches Forum and received my end of the trade yesterday. I sent him some Eurycotis decipiens nymphs for some large Archimandrita tesselata nymphs and some large Therea olegrandjeani nymphs. I received the agreed upon amount of roaches with extras, adults, and an extra species included!
I'll start off with the T.olegrandjeani. I received four nymphs( there was one more nymph sent, but it ended up dying from shipping)and four adults of this cool, little species. I already had five nymphs, so with the new additions I have a nice colony of thirteen.
Here's some pics of my nymphs and adults!
9 T.olegrandjeani nymphs

4 adult T.olegranjeani

Adult female T.olegrandjeani
I sexed them and ended up having three adult males and one adult female, looking forward to getting some oothecae of this species soon and growing the colony!
     Second, I received ten medium-large A.tesselata nymphs. I have to say these are probably one of my most beautiful roaches even as nymphs with their stunning patterns and colors! The nymphs are actually so massive that they contend with my adult male Gromphadorhina oblongonota for largest roaches in my collection! Their reputation as the easiest to handle roach in the hobby is absolutely correct, they are easier to handle then even my adult hissers, and are extremely docile. I'm keeping them in a large, fifty-six quart, plastic Sterilite container with two large ventilation holes in each end. I am using a mix of coconut fiber and coconut husk as the substrate with a good amount of dead hardwood leaves and rotten wood on top.
Here are some pictures of my gentle giants and their enclosure!
10 A.tesselata nymphs
High-orange A.tesselata nymph

A.tesselata nymphs on log

Largest A.tesselata nymph

Handling largest A.tesselata nymph

A.tesselata enclosure
 I apologize for the pretty sucky pictures of the enclosure but the camera I use is having some trouble taking good pictures of things that aren't up-close. And yes, I know I took a lot of pictures of the A.tesselata, but I'm just REALLY fascinated with them! Can't wait for these guys to start molting so I can have some marvelous adults! I sexed them and it looks like I have seven males and three females, which is not too good of a sex ratio, but I still should be able to start a nice colony with only the three females.
Now for the extra and last species that I received......Gyna caffrorum or the Chrome roach! Was really surprised when I was looking through the aspen that my T.olegranjeani were shipped in to find two nymphs of this awesome-looking species! Wasn't really planning on keeping this small and super-hyper roach, not sure if I will try to keep them or if I will list them for sale, but in any event, it's still cool to have them.
Here's a pic of the two!
2 G.caffrorum nymphs
Not sure if I got these guys shipped to me on purpose or accident because these guys apparently have bred like crazy for Webuildart and are all over the place. Keeping them in a small plastic container with some coconut fiber and coconut husk as the substrate with some dead hardwood leaves on top.
Hope you guys enjoyed this long and photo laden post, and goodbye!


  1. Nice roaches, all three of them are amazing species! :) Can't wait to see the Peppered roaches mature, I once kept an adult female that I bought from a pet store, she was just massive!

    Hope all your new acquisitions do well for you, be sure to keep us updated! :)

    1. Thank you, I would have to agree! Yep, can't wait to check the enclosure and see one hanging from the log and expanding it's wings!
      Thank you once again, I'll be sure to do that! :)