Friday, September 16, 2016

T.rathkii and C.convexus Re-housing

Hello for the 43rd time everybody, getting awful close to the big 50! ;)
Well, I've been keeping my 5 species of isopods in a large, mixed enclosure, but I decided I'd separate my 15 or so Trachelipus rathkii and 60 or so Cylisticus convexus into their own enclosures. I re-housed them in relatively small Ziplock containers with some ventilation holes on the sides. Their substrate consists of coconut fiber and rotten wood, with a layer of rotten wood and dead leaves on top.
Here's some pics of the isopods and their new enclosures!

Isopod enclosure


Only included a picture of one of the enclosures because they are basically identical. And yes, I noticed the random young C.convexus with the T.rathkii, will have to find it and put it in the correct enclosure.
I also let go of pretty much all of my medium-large A.vulgare( just didn't want to keep the species any more) but I still left most of the substrate in the large container since there are tons of babies from the A.vulgare, C.convexus, and T.rathkii.
Hope you guys enjoyed, and until next time, goodbye!


  1. Nice, hope they all do well for you! :)

    BTW, those "P.scaber" are actually Trachelipus rathkii. Those two often get confused, but you can usually tell the difference by looking at the markings on the back. T.rathkii are very mottled in coloration, while P.scaber are either one solid color or have two lines along each side of the body.

    1. Thank you. :)
      And also thanks for the correct I.D, saw Kyle's isopod I.D thread on the roachforum yesterday and noticed that they looked very similar, but I wasn't sure.