Sunday, October 16, 2016

50th post!: Tinley Park NARBC Expo

Hello Everyone!
Well this is my fiftieth post, and so to go along with a pretty exciting milestone(although not as exciting as one-hundred)I will be presenting you guys with a pretty awesome post!
When I heard that renowned roach enthusiast and owner of Roach Crossing, Kyle Kandilian was going to be attending the Tinley Park NARBC expo I knew I had to be there! As soon as we walked through the doors of the Tinley Park Convention Center, I could feel the awesomeness of this event hit me! There were people everywhere with reptiles and invertebrates of every kind, it was like a dream! There was a tremendous variety of extremely rare and amazing invertebrates such as pure Gromphadorhina portentosa, an adult Dynastes hercules, D.hercules larvae, Phalacrognathus muelleri larvae, a Polyphaga cf. obscura, Gyna capucina, Lucihormetica grossei, Dorylae orini, and Panchlora sp."Costa Rica, Yellow" just to name a few. Speaking of the Panchlora sp."Costa Rican Yellow", my fellow roach enthusiast Hisserdude of the invertebrate forums wanted to see what they looked like.
I wasn't able to get that good of a pic, but here it is!
Panchlora sp."Costa Rica, Yellow'
So you though right Hisserdude, that was what they looked like. Very stunning I must say!
I was also able to get a pic of the adult D.hercules and containers with the D.hercules, and P.muelleri larvae.

Adult D.hercules, container of D.hercules and P.muelleri larvae
But by far the best part of the expo was meeting Kyle. He was very nice and exuded with enthusiasm for his invertebrates; everything that I though he would be like!
He was even nice enough to pose for a picture with me!
Kyle Kandilian and myself, note the large Blaberus colosseus on his hand
It was an absolute pleasure meeting him! Feel like I forgot something, oh yeah, that's right, I picked up a colony of beautiful Eupolyphaga sinensis"White Eye" from him! I got twenty mixed sized nymphs along with two gravid adult females.
Here are some pics of them!
E.sinensis"White Eye"

Adult female E.sinensis"White Eye"
Close-up of white eyes and reflective setae of E.sinensis"White Eye"

They are very attractive-looking with their reflective bronze setae(they actually have a colorful sheen to them when viewed under sunlight), red and black nymphs, black adults with red coloration on the front of the pronotum, and white eyes, which are exclusive to this cultivar. The adults are also pretty large for Corydids, having about one and a half times the mass of my likely sixth instar Polyphaga saussurei. I am keeping them in a medium-sized plastic Sterilite container with some ventilation holes on the lid. I am using some coconut fiber and cypress mulch for the substrate with some dead leaves on top.
Update: Sexed the E.sinensis"White Eye", it looks like I've got fourteen females and eight males!
That seems to wrap things up for this post! Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it, and until next time, goodbye!


  1. Awesome, thanks for the picture of the Yellow Panchlora! :) Wow, he finally got some Polyphaga obscura in culture? Great!! How big was it in comparison to P.saussurei?

    Nice, love E.sinensis, don't know why I don't have any yet. Looks like you got a decent amount of them, hope they breed for you!

    1. No problem. :) Yep, looks like he did!I'm not too sure, didn't get that good of a look at it, I just saw a container that read "P.obscura" with a nice sized roach in it, partially hidden under coconut fiber, wishing I got a better look at it now though.
      Thanks, the females are gravid so I should be getting some oothecae soon! Would have gotten some E.saturalis, but he had sold out already.

    2. Nice, been wanting P.obscura in the US hobby for a while now. Hope he ends up selling some when he updates his site!

      Good, hope they lay ootheca for you soon then! :) that's too bad about the E.suturalis, at least you got the cool E.sinensis.