Friday, October 21, 2016

New Adult A.tesselata and First Ootheca

Hey Again Everyone!
Well I have a pretty awesome update to share on my Archimandrita tesselata........another sub-adult nymph molted to adulthood, and it's a male! Really happy that I already have an adult pair and in turn will likely be getting some babies a lot sooner than I expected!
He seems to have molted an dried perfectly except for a little part on his wing that has a small amount of liquid coming from it, surely from a vein that was damaged during molting. I'm not thinking it is anything to be concerned about though, since he seems to be acting fine, and the amount of liquid is minimal.
Here are some pics of him, the liquid, and the pair together.

Adult male A.tesselata's face

Adult male A.tesselata
Handling adult male A.tesselata

Small amount of liquid coming from wing

A.tesselata adult pair
 The male, as you can see, is less bulky and is also much more hyper. I'm hoping these guys will start breeding soon, and I'll be sure to keep you guys updated if any is witnessed!
Now on to the second thing that I was going to share with you guys today. :)
I was looking through the substrate of my E.sinensis"White Eye" yesterday and found an adult female ,which was carrying the first ootheca that I've gotten from this species!
Here's some pics!
Adult female E.sinensis"White Eye" carrying ootheca

Close-up of E.sinensis"White Eye" ootheca
Their oothecae are pretty cool-looking in my opinion! This species' oothecae hatch a lot quicker than most corydiids' do, at around two-three months. Really glad that I don't have to be waiting for half of a year(sometimes more) as is necessary for most corydiids.
Hope you guys all were fascinated by this post and took pleasure in reading it, as I always hope!
So to everybody, goodbye!

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