Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rotten Wood For All!

Since I collected a bunch of rotten wood at that nature preserve I went to last week, I decided I'd give some to my isopods and Parcoblatta pennyslvanica! Besides the small chunks of rotten wood I already had mixed into the isopods' substrate( also mixed some into my A.tesselatas' substrate), I replaced all their hides with nice pieces of rotten wood, which I'm sure they appreciate! I gave the P.pennsylvanica nymphs some vertical rotten wood pieces(since I found them in the same rotten log that I collected the rotten wood from and I know they are supposed to like vertical pieces of wood), and also wedged their piece of cork bark into an upright position.
Here are some pics of their updated enclosures!
P.laevis"Orange" enclsoure

P.laevis"White" enclosure

T.rathkii enclosure

C.convexus enclosure

P.pruinosus enclosure

Orange T.rathkii isolation enclosure
P.pennsylvanica enclosure

The P.leavis"Orange" seem to enjoy their new hides the best since theirs has the most crevices to wedge their selves into! LOL  Even though I used much of the rotten wood I collected, I still have half a gallon freezer bag of small chunks and have about 3 more nice sized pieces( which I will most likely also turn into small chunks.)
While I was exchanging hides, I was also able to take some photos of my young Armadillidium maculatum, some of my other isopods, and my large Parcoblatta pennsylvanica nymphs.
Here they are!

Young A.maculatum

Orange T.rathkii

Large P.pennsylvanica nymphs
My A.maculatum have doubled in size since I received them about a month ago, and now have darker coloration and in turn have much more pronounced stripes. Their growth was also why I was able to get much better pics of them than I was before.
Goodnight guys and goodbye!

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