Saturday, October 29, 2016

Zebra Roach Colony Updates

Hello Again Invertebrate Enthusiasts!
Since I have last posted about my Eurycotis decipiens, they have been doing well! I have had some hatches since I took my oothecae out of the incubation container than I had them in, and I actually just had another small hatch yesterday giving me a total of about 70+ nymphs! My nymphs have been growing great and most of them are already 3rd-4th instar. I still have five adults from the original eleven medium-large nymphs I received from Kyle for my birthday back in April. My old females are still producing some last oothecae!
Here are some pics!

New hatchlings

3rd-4th instar nymphs

Adult E.decipiens with nymphs in corkbark

One of the remaining adult E.decipiens
 So that seems to be all my updates currently with these guys, hoping for continued success with this awesome species!
That's going to do it for this post, hope you guys enjoyed, and goodbye!


  1. Nice, glad this beautiful species is doing so well for you! :)

    1. Thanks!
      If some more oothecae hatch, I might have them available for sale or trade again!