Saturday, November 19, 2016

Photos: My Isopods

Hey Again Guys!
This time I bring to you, the second post in my four-post photo series! This post will be much shorter than my monster roach post, but nonetheless, will have a lot of great pics!
Enough of that, let's get to the pictures!
Armadillidium maculatum(Zebra Pill-bug)


Close-up of the pleotelson, uropods, and pleon of an A.maculatum

Cylisticus convexus(Curly Isopod)


Close-up of the markings on the pereon and cephalothorax of a C.convexus
Close-up of the cephalothorax, compound eyes, antennae of a C.convexus
Porcellio laevis"White"and"Orange"(Smooth Isopod)


Close-up of the cephalothorax and compound eyes of a P.leavis"Orange"

Close-up of the pereon of a P.leavis"Orange"

Close-up of the spots on the pereon of a P.leavis"White", possibly P.leavis"Dalmation"?

Close up of the cephalothorax and compound eyes of a P.leavis"White"
 Porcellionides pruinosus(Powder Blue Isopod)

Trachelipus rathkii normal, "White", and "Orange"(Rathkii's Trachelipus)

Close-up of the markings on the pereon of a T.rathkii

Close-up of the cephalothorax and compound eyes of a T.rathkii


Close-up of the pereon of a T.rathkii"Orange"

Close-up of the antennae, cephalothorax, and compound eyes of a T.rathkii"Orange"


Close-up of the antennae, eyes, and cephalothorax of a T.rathkii"Albino"
Hope you guys enjoyed all the photos!!! A couple notes I have from this post are that I realized a couple of my P.laevis are actually dalmations, so that's pretty cool. I also wanted to point out the nice, yellowish T.rathkki in one of the pictures, I think I might isolate that one and try to possibly establish a yellow strain of these. Like the yellow T.rathkii, I only have one albino specimen(which, IMO, is extraordinarily beautiful, even having completely white eyes!) but will also try to isolate the trait in that one.
Once again, hope you guys all enjoyed the pics, and I'll see you all at the third post in this photo series, which will be on my beetles!


  1. Great pictures! It reminds me that Gods creative hand isn't only in the things we can see easily like a beautiful sunset or a flower in full bloom, but also in the tiniest of things like the insects you've taken time to photograph. Can't wait for your third post.

    1. Thanks!
      I know right, God's creation is amazing!
      I can't wait to publish the third post!

  2. You know I love these little guys <3 Awesome photos!:)

  3. Very nice, BTW that T.rathkii at the end is actually an albino, seeing as the eyes lack pigment as well. This is different than a white morph, and is even rarer. Would be amazing if you could isolate them! :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't realize it was an albino, makes sense though. Unfortunately I dumped it into my normal T.rathkii enclosure and when I looked through the leaves and substrate yesterday, I couldn't seem to find it. :( Hope it eventually turns up.