Saturday, December 24, 2016

New Young

Hey Friends,
Since I've last posted I've gotten babies from two species, my E.lixa and Paraplecta sp.!
Very unfortunately, only one of the Eurycotis oothecae has hatched and the others are really looking like they won't since it's way past the time when they would've. The one hatch yielded a meer four fairly messed up-looking nymphs, two of which have perished for unknown reasons, leaving me with only two. So things definitely aren't looking good for me keeping this species in my collection, may have to just end up reacquiring them. Right now I'm just keeping them in small two ounce deli cups with some coconut fiber and a piece of egg crate.
Here are some pics of the nymphs.

E.lixa nymphs
The other roach that I got some young from are, of course, my Paraplecta sp.. These guys were giving me some trouble before, but since I added other roaches' frass to their enclosure, which they apparently feed on, they have been doing better. The nymphs are so tiny, probably like two mm long! I'm thinking there's about a dozen, but there are likely some more that I haven't seen.
Here's some pictures!

Paraplecta sp. nymphs
 Hopefully I continue to do well with this miniscule feeder species.
I think that all the updates I have for now, stay tuned for my next post on my new inverts from Peter Clausen(they're some good ones) and see 'ya! :)

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