Monday, April 3, 2017

Orange Pillbugs, Chromes, Centurions, Mega Glowspots, and a Mystery Sp., Oh My!

What's Up Everybody!
I was lucky enough to just complete a mega trade with the "Roach man" himself, Kyle Kandilian! πŸ˜€ In this trade, I picked up (as you can tell from the title) a dozen Armadillidium vulgare"Orange Vigor", twenty Gyna caffrorum nymphs, seven Gyna centurio nymphs, a nymph pair of Lucihormetica grossei, and a mystery species!!!πŸ˜ƒ Needless to say, this was the best package that I've received since entering the hobby. The thing I was most astonished about upon opening the box was the amount of Gyna I had been sent, I only asked for one female nymph of each species, but instead received twenty chromes and seven centurions! I think it is definitely safe to say that I won't be getting an over-count that large anytime soon. LOL The thing I was also very surprised about was the mystery species, the species I received ended up being one of the rarest isopods in the hobby.......Adroniscus dentiger!!! Besides all that, the A.vulgare"Orange Vigor" and L.grossei(a species that just entered the U.S hobby late last year) were just icing on the cake. 😜
Even with all the rare/cool stuff I got, the species that I was most excited to acquire would definitely have to be the Lucihormetica grossei. These roaches, which are brand new to the U.S hobby, dwarf the other two currently cultured members of its genus, L.subcincta and Lverrucosa, in both length and (at least with males) width. The pronotum on the nymphs of this species are also uniquely adorned with beautiful satin markings along with the bright orange coloration on the head typical to the other Lucihormetica. I have one smallish nymph(which I assume is the male) and then one medium-sized nymph(which I assume is the female) that appears to be an instar or two ahead of the other. Right now I have them set up in a 6 oz. plastic Sterilite container with about a 1.5 inch deep moist substrate mix of coconut fiber and a small amount of rotten wood. Besides that I have some crumbled up dead leaves along the top of the substrate and will likely melt a couple holes into the sides for added ventilation.
Here's some pics of them and their enclosure!

Presumably female L.grossei nymph

Presumably male L.grossei nymph

L.grossei nymph pair

L.grossei enclosure

Perhaps the species/cultivar that I was second-most thrilled about getting was the Armadillidium vulgare"Orange Vigor". This strain, as described on, shows a variety of orange hues(with an additional brick red color occasionally popping up) and has been "heavily outcrossed' resulting in "extreme vigor". I'm particularly fond of the fact that this strain exhibits so many different variations, a very interesting characteristic that isn't present in many strains at all. Anyway, all twelve individuals I received are a decent size and are definitely sexually mature so I should be seeing mancae very soon! I'll be keeping these guys in a 6 oz. plastic Sterilite container(which I will soon add a few ventilation holes to) with a one inch deep substrate mix of coconut fiber and a little bit of rotten wood. I've topped this off with a layer of crumbled dead leaves and an upside down piece of bark(I've found that isopods are actually more attracted to hiding under bark like this rather than when it's right side-up).
Here's some photos!

A.vulgare"Orange Vigor"

A.vulgare"Orange Vigor" enclosure
Now let's move onto the Gyna. πŸ™‚
I originally only wanted a couple female nymphs to go with my males, but I guess all the nymphs I received are fine as well. πŸ˜‰ What was once a scrape up job getting individuals of both sexes should be smooth sailing now that I have good breeding populations of both species. Of each species, about three fourths are small nymphs with the other fourth of the groups being made up of medium-large nymphs. I have both species housed in 20 qt. plastic Sterilite Gasket Box containers just so I won't have to move either of them into larger enclosures as they grow and for the reason that there are a few nymphs close to maturation and I don't want there to be any chance of escapees. They are both being kept on around an inch of moist coconut fiber(although I'll be letting the G.caffrorum's substrate dry out to a suitable moisture level) with a layer of dead leaves on top.
Here's some pictures of my two Gyna species and an enclosure!
(To specify, I'm only including pics of one enclosure since they are virtually identical).



Gyna enclosure
Lastly, probably the rarest arthropods I received in the trade were the A.dentiger. I'm not exactly sure when these guys entered the U.S hobby, but I'd say at around the earlier portion of last year. Despite the fact that these have likely been in culture for about a year, most people have not heard of them and they are very rarely offered. When you look up this species on Google you will come across pictures of a rough-bodied, crazy-looking, reddish-pink isopod, but upon acquiring this species I quickly found out that this wasn't the case. That species pictured online looks very different from A.dentiger, which in actuality, is a smooth-bodied species with beige coloration that closely resembles Hylo and Trichoniscus in size and appearance. Nonetheless, this is still a rare, neat little species that fulfills my longing to breed members of the other two genera(which have proven tricky for some breeders). I will be keeping my group of I'd say about fifteen individuals in a 6 oz. plastic Sterilite container with a 1+ inch deep substrate mix of coconut fiber, rotten wood, and a small bit of sphagnum moss. As always I've topped this off with a layer of crumbled, dead leaves.
Here's some pics of these tiny isopods and their enclosure!


A.dentiger enclosure
Well, that should wrap things up for this post, wish me luck with breeding these species and I'll see you all next time, goodbye! πŸ™‚


  1. Very nice new additions man!! :D Funnily enough, I'm also getting a pair of L.grossei this week from Kyle, very excited to get them!

    Love the "Orange Vigor" A.vulgare, very nice variation of color between individuals!! :)

    1. Thanks, I though so too!:p Haha, I guess they're gaining popularity now! LOL You'll definitely be pleased with them, they're very stunning even as nymphs.

      IKR, that's my favorite part about this strain!

    2. Yup, can't wait to get mine! :D Looks like the trade will be postponed until next week though...

      Yeah, really nice strain indeed! Hope they do well for you! :)

    3. I had to wait an extra week as well, trust me,it's worth it. ;)

      Thanks, I hope so too! :)

    4. Oh yeah, will definitely be worth it, making a HUGE trade with him, can't wait to do it! :D

      Keep us updated on all your new acquisitions!

    5. Don't you mean MEGA? :p Rare stuff, a lot of stuff, or both?

      I'll be sure to. :)

    6. Yeah, lol, a MEGA trade! :p Mostly rarities, as well as a couple more common species, like ANOTHER pair of Arenivaga tonkawa, since I don't trust that my last remaining female is laying fertile ooths...