Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Brings Baby Roaches!

Hello and Good Evening Everyone! 😊
Summer brings about many wonderful things, such as the emergence of many impressive arthropods, but it also brings (at least without any special year-long heating) baby roaches! I expect a number of my roach species to start kicking out babies with this surplus of warmth, but two of them have already done so, say hi to the newest members of the roach family below!

First instar E.sinensis "White Eye" F1 nymphs

First instar D.punctata F1 nymphs
As you can see, I've finally gotten some first generation nymphs from both my White-Eyed Chinese Medicinals and Pacific Beetle Mimics! 😃
The first offspring from these species definitely come with some extra relief for me. I had not disclosed it here on the blog yet, but the enclosure I had been keeping my E.sinensis "White Eye" in was overabundant with ventilation leading to a deficiency of substrate moisture and humidity, which ultimately caused some cannibalism and severe ootheca-eating in the colony. The ootheca that recently hatched out the eight nymphs was actually one of about five I had isolated in a separate container to save them from being eaten. Since then, I have moved my ten or so remaining individuals (pretty much all adult females) into a larger enclosure with minimal ventilation, which they seem to be doing much better in considering that I haven't observed any cannibalism or ootheca-eating.
With the D.punctata, I was just getting really nervous that my adults would all die-off before I ever got a single litter of babies with the fact that most of them had been adults for a couple months being halted from having young by the chilly temps of late winter/early spring. But luckily that didn't happen! I now have about six nymphs from the one birth I've had and am crossing my fingers that I'll get a couple more out of my 1-2 females before they expire.
Well those are all the new, roachy faces I have to share right now, I hope you all enjoyed, and goodbye!


  1. Congrats on the babies, the summer heat definitely brings with it a population boom for many species! :D

    1. Thanks! :) Definitely, just looked at my N.cinerea enclosure and there's like 70+ small nymphs/adults sitting on the front wall (and mind you the vast majority are under/on the egg crates). lol

    2. Glad to hear it, looks like your lobster colony is really taking off now! :)