Invertebrates For Sale

Out of stock on everything right now, will update when this changes. :)

I will consider trades for Neostylopyga rhombifolia, Arenivaga sp. roaches, Eurycotis opaca and improcera, Panchlora other than nivea, Blaberus other than craniifer, Deropeltis paulinoi, other rare roaches, isopod cultivars, Porcellio dilatatus, Cubaris murina, Venezillo sp., Alloniscus perconvexus, other rare isopods, and millipedes other than julids and flats.
Terms and Conditions:
Priority shipping= $10
Express shipping= $30
LAG with priority shipping ONLY for beetles and roaches and ONLY when your local temperature is below 85 degrees fahrenheit and above 40 degrees Fahrenheit on the day of arrival.
LAG ONLY with express shipping for all other invertebrates not guaranteed with priority shipping.
In the case of dead on arrivals within the LAG guidelines, PM me and include a picture of the perished invertebrate(s) and I will refund you the cost of the dead invertebrate(s) but not shipping.
U.S sales only(except for Florida.)
I only accept payment by PayPal.
You can e-mail me at with any questions or to order.
Thanks!  :)

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